Why a Dog?

Dogs give and receive love unconditionally. They never say “I need my space” or “I’m not ready for a commitment.” It is nonjudgmental, completely accepting relationship. Here you are loved for who you are not how much weight you have gained or lost, the current status of your bank account or your popularity.

Dogs do not grow up and move out. They are with you until the end of their lives. Waking up with you each morning and lying nearby at night, they offer a sense of security and warmth for a child and adult alike.

The soft head that nudges your hand when life is too depressing, a happy bark that suggests a quick game or play outside, the warm tongue that licks your face when you cry…dogs soothe our soul and enrich our lives. Science is now confirming what pet lovers have known for years: PETS MAKE US FEEL BETTER! We live longer and feel more meaningful with them by our sides.

When we touch them our heartbeat slows, our body relaxes… we are happy

You are the most special person in your dog’s life; their world revolves around you. If you have never owned a dog before, the experience will change your life. You will have, ready at all times, a playmate and companion, guardian and friend. With your dog you can be yourself in complete safety, knowing that this animal adores you without reservation or opinions, thinking you are the best
in the whole world.

In many cases, our dogs love us more than we love ourselves

With their unquestioning devotion comes obligation. Caring for a dog is a substantial commitment, one of the first of many we will make in our lives. Often the training ground for parenthood, dogs allow us to practice the skills of caring for another living being before a child arrives. The emotions of puppy owners and new parents are not so very different…protection, concern, confusion, frustration, all wrapped in an overwhelming love. Like an infant, puppies too are innocent and trusting.

We owe them our highest selves of respect, not our upset, anger or impatience

Dog ask little in return from us. They require basic physical care that they cannot provide for themselves…grooming, medical attention, a good diet and shelter. But you can give all this and still not give what the dogs need most…your love, attention and understanding. That is ultimately what our training and this web-site is all about. Teaching you how to understand and
communicate with this wonderful species, so that the life you share with your dog is as positive, fun and tension free as possible.

Whether you are seeking a companion, raising your puppy, training your dog or looking for a solution to a behavior problem we will cover it all in a simple common sense effective way that everyone can understand.

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