Socialization of Young Puppies, don’t believe what they say!

One of the most detrimental myths still being spread throughout the world today is that socialization of young puppies can be dangerous to their well-being. However, the truth is puppies not exposed to the world until 16 weeks or, worse, 6 months of age, are much more likely to be fearful or aggressive. When done properly, early socialization can be accomplished without any unnecessary risk to the health of the puppy. In fact, in most countries, more dogs die due to behavior-related euthanasia or in shelters because of lack of socialization than all other communicable illnesses, combined! We cannot let this happen in China!

It is also vital to understand that after puppy-hood, doggy adolescence becomes a very turbulent time and you will have to be extra vigilant to make sure that your dog’s manners, behavior and temperament do not regress. Once your dog matures, at about two years of age for small breeds but not until three years of age for large breeds, temperament and habits will become much more resistant to change.

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