In Home Training / People Training

In-Home Private Dog Training is the most effective and fastest way to train your dog.

We come to your home, right where the problems are.

Group course training cannot help with problems at home!!

I Train Dogs, but Educate and Motivate People

Most true professional dog trainers actually spend very little time working with other people’s dogs; most of our time is spent training humans.

Whether you are a dog trainer or a family member with a beloved pet, you can drastically improve your relationship between you and your dog by becoming more aware of your own behavior.

Our dogs often mirror their environment and the energy they’re around but most importantly… humans are the ones who control the dog’s environment and therefore it is humans who must accept the responsibility for teaching and maintaining the behaviors we desire.

The “real cause” of unwanted behaviors has very little to do with the dogs’ age, breed, size, intelligence, history, or even personality, but has everything to do with the “human element”.

Doggy Thoughts offers everyone a FREE CONSULTATION of no less than 30 minutes to see whether the In-Home / People Training is suitable for you and your family. Usually this consult takes place by telephone and during the consultation you can ask anything and everything. We will also use this time to get to know you and your loyal four-legged family member.

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