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Dennis is a fabulous dog trainer and is incredibly passionate about his profession.web images 2

I recommend him every time and am so glad he came to China.

by Anthony Beck, Senior Veterinary Consultant and CEO at Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center

web images 1Doctors Beck & Stone is cooperating with Dennis Schenk, founder of Doggy Thoughts, who is easily Beijing’s most experienced and enthusiastic Certified Canine Behaviorist Consultant.

Pet owners in Beijing are very lucky because they can get professional dog training help from Dennis.

by Nis Peter Lorentzen, Co-Founder at Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center

s1210Last Saturday training was really successful with the staff and the staff needs it!

It helped them to have a new approach on their patients and try to behave more “professional” with the dogs they handle!

The nurses were captivated and really motivated by this session!

Thank you Dennis and ShanShan!

I do hope we can work like this more and more!

We should keep them motivated by regular sessions like this!!!

by Dr. Celine Clement, VIP Veterinarian Consultant at Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center, Beijing

web images 3Your care towards Sadie was more than we ever could have anticipated.

Compassionate, thorough, dedicated, you brought her back to life…

Dennis really is the Dog Whisperer of China!

by Christine Moore

Dennis came by to help us train Lenny, our new puppy.

Thanks to his thoughtful, thorough instruction and friendly and professional approach, we’ve made great strides in learning to live with our new housemate.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dennis’ services.

by David Wilder & Lenny

web images 5Dennis Schenk definitely has the gift of interacting with animals.

I was so overwhelmed when I brought my new puppies into our home. I was having so many problems and in just one session with Dennis, I saw amazing results and changes.

I kid you not when I say that my Malamute’s behavior improved after just one initial meeting with Dennis!
He has an honest and clear approach and way of communicating with animals and to people.

He even trained my husband and I to be able to carry out the training long after the sessions were over.

Since working with Dennis, I have become very involved in animal rescue and I continue to use his tips and techniques and still find they are amazingly useful.

I will forever be thankful to “Doggy Thoughts” for giving me the gift of understanding my Malamutes.

by Lisa & Jonathan Whiticer

web images 4I know my Chinese Cresteds were quite a challenge for Dennis because they both had such diverse personalities – totally different to one another.

I was very happy with the results that he got.

He not only trained my dogs but also took the time to train me as well so that I could maintain what he had instilled into them.

He is an amazing trainer and has a genuine personality, some of the stuff he does is like magic!

He truly cares about his work and is highly recommended.

by Sara B.

s10134Dennis is a very good dog trainer! I always recommend him to my clients. Dog training is so important that we can’t ignore especially in China. It can improve dog’s welfare. Dennis, thanks to you for making dogs’ lives better in Beijing China.

by Sunny Sun, Branch Head and Jr Vet of Doctors Beck & Stone Pet Health Care Center

Hunter-CodyI called Dennis to help me because my dogs were driving me crazy.

Not having the knowledge to correct them I knew that having a dog trainer would be the best thing to do.

When I saw a picture advertizing his services (the one with the Pit-bull and himself) I figured if he could train that dog, he could train my 6-8 month old Golden Retriever and Husky.

Now that the training is finished, with the dogs and the entire family, I know I definitely made the right decision by hiring Dennis.

He is a true professional and I definitely recommend him.

We’ll be missing him, because now we have moved back to our home town.

by The Conrad family