Dogs as Teachers


Dogs with behavioral issues teach us valuable life lessons when we take the time to help them overcome challenges. These life lessons include the ability to think creatively, patience and how to communicate effectively.… Read more

Why Puppy/Dog Obedience Course Training Is So Fundamental

For quite a few reasons, putting your puppy/dog through obedience training is the best thing you can do for them. It’s a relatively simple process, especially when your dog is young, but a lot of people just don’t take the time or see the point. You can take your dog through a course or train… Read more

Understanding Stray and or Homeless Dogs


The scope of the stray dog problem in many parts of the world is unimaginable by American standards. Street and village dogs have always been part of the developing world’s landscape, but exploding populations, increasing attacks on citizens and spiraling rabies epidemics have transformed this issue from a third world problem to a global public… Read more

Socialization of Young Puppies, don’t believe what they say!


One of the most detrimental myths still being spread throughout the world today is that socialization of young puppies can be dangerous to their well-being. However, the truth is puppies not exposed to the world until 16 weeks or, worse, 6 months of age, are much more likely to be fearful or aggressive. When done… Read more

Why a Dog?


Dogs give and receive love unconditionally. They never say “I need my space” or “I’m not ready for a commitment.” It is nonjudgmental, completely accepting relationship. Here you are loved for who you are not how much weight you have gained or lost, the current status of your bank account or your popularity. Dogs do… Read more