About Doggy-Thoughts

At Doggy Thoughts ICP we teach basic obedience and puppy foundation courses, (sit, lay-down, stay, come, etc) but the majority of our work is behavior rehabilitation/modification (aggression, fearfulness, separation anxiety, etc.).

We want owners/handlers to see the world through their dog’s eyes, by understanding canine behavior and how this powerful knowledge can prevent and solve every day behavioral issues.

After learning and applying this vital knowledge, owners will interpret how to identify, not-so-apparent details about their dog’s demeanor, so they are more equipped to handle issues or problems that may arise in the future.

Owners will understand how to appreciate a dog’s biological and emotional requirements, so they are able to provide him or her with the necessary things in life to make them a healthy and happy member of the household.

Overall, owners will become much more observant and “in-tune” to their dog’s behavior.

This, in turn, has positive ramifications for everybody who comes into contact with the dog.

What is the Difference Between What We Do and “Common Dog Training”?

Our method is a culmination of evaluating the dog, re-teaching and or rehabilitating, but most importantly, it is to educate the owner. Just as the dog needs to re-learn, owners need to re-learn and be prepared to alter the way in which they view their dog. If we buy a horse, we study the species “horse”, we learn what horses need, how horses learn…
It gets treated as a horse!

So why do so many owners refer to their dog as “my little baby”?
Why do we love them like they are one of our own? Well it is hard not to. The dog is so lovable, child like in many ways and devoted to us.

But they are not human and they are not children…THEY ARE DOGS! We must break the habit of a lifetime and approach them with new eyes, with a better understanding of what our dogs need from us and stop humanizing them!

We don’t have to stop loving them, dogs need love just like children but there is a big difference between being loved and being spoiled.

This is why we must understand the importance of structure and proper discipline. Dogs need to feel secure to be truly happy, that means they need to feel secure that owners will be the leader and that they can count on you to take charge. But being the “leader” does not mean being forceful with your dog. Rather, leadership is a mental quality in which you set boundaries without intimidation. This is no different than what a parent should do with their child; overall to establish good manners and respect!

If you want to create true harmony between your canine companion and family, we surely hope you will let us help. Everyone must realize that we are one, out of only a few facilities that teach professional Dog Psychology/Canine Behavior here in China.