About Me

China's first professional Canine Behavioral Trainer. I am an American Certified Canine Behavior Specialist and Professional Dog Trainer that has been working with dogs for 20 years now. I have came to China to share my exclusive knowledge and philosophy to the people of this great country.

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Our Training

Private in-home and group course sessions available. Basic and advanced obedience instruction, puppy foundation preparation, rehabilitation and problem solving management, canine behavior owner education (people training). We cover ALL your needs! Please check this page to see what fits you and your doggy best.

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"Dennis Schenk definitely has the gift of interacting with animals. I was so overwhelmed when I brought my new puppies into our home. I was having so many problems and in just one session with Dennis, I saw amazing results and changes. I kid you not when I say that my Malamute’s behavior improved after just one initial meeting with Dennis!"

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Contact Us

Dennis Schenk
Founder & CEO
Doggy Thoughts ICP
Canine Behavior & Obedience Training
Phone English: 13718027490
Chinese: 13466397349
Email: dennis@chinadogtraining.com